Dr Ann Pulsford

Originally started during the reign of King Henry 1 in 1105, Dr Ann Pulsford charts the history of our Tavistock Farmers’ Market which is still thriving today. Tavistock is a ‘market’ town; a legal definition which originated in the Middle Ages... Read more


ANCIENT OAKS English Oak, Quercus robur, has become a national emblem from its perceived characteristics of endurance and steadfastness. British warships were traditionally made of heart of oak as it was the strongest wood from the tree. Heart of... Read more


Tavistock Subscription Library is now housed in Court Gate, adjacent to the museum, but between 1822 and 1831 it had its own elegant classical building in the centre of the town. Read more

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The former towpath beside the Tavistock Canal is a favourite level walk in and around Tavistock. Read more


We are all familiar with the common or Flanders Poppy, Papaver rhoeas, which became the symbol of First World War remembrance after they flowered in profusion near the battlefields of Belgium and France in the unusually warm Spring of 1915. Read more


Dr Ann Pulsford looks back to 1836 and life for the vicar's wife in Tavistock Read more


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Here are some fantastic films celebrating our area and people