Through their explorations in paint, the three artists in this exhibition at Greenhill Arts, Moretonhampstead, express different aspects of the landscape. Read more

Music & Art

There is the opportunity to enjoy learning new skills and make new friends at the next Art for All sessions being run in Okehampton, thanks to funding from Okehampton United Charities. Read more

Millie Halley dares to dream. Dream big. And judging by the hard work, talent and realism this 21-year-old displays, one of these days you get the feeling that dream may come true. Read more

Local People

Whether you like it or not exercise is important to our overall health but have you stopped to think about your preferred method of rehydration. Read more


The Borough Council is looking for outstanding people who deserve public recognition for their unpaid work or contribution.  Whether an individual, group or an organisation, the Council wants to hear about them. Read more

Community News

Miranda Sykes, the acclaimed singer and bassist with ‘Show of Hands’ is returning to her roots. Read more

If you fancy dancing your socks off to one of the most innovative groups around, this is definitely the gig for you! Read more

Business and Economy ‘Micros’ called on to help shape business support Devon’s smallest health and social care, and construction businesses are invited to take part in a research trial that will ensure that they can... Read more

Business News

Lisa Rice has always been absolutely fascinated by birds. Brought up on farms in the Okehampton area, she’s an animal lover through and through and has been rescuing feathered friends in distress since she was a little girl. Read more

Local People

The view as you drive down from Lower Halstock Farm, high on the hills of Dartmoor, is amazing. David Hodge’s family have lived and farmed these moors since 1770 and David is as passionate about his animals as his forefathers must have been. Now, he Read more

Farming News

Subject of a four year legal battle! Read more


Homeopathic treatment addresses the whole person both emotionally and physically. For this reason it may be effective in treating those suffering  the emotional stress which often underlies many physical conditions. Read more


In this article I will continue to look at some points raised about our practice in the most recently published national GP patient survey. Read more

How working with water can help your dog. Read more


There is nothing like a colourful winter garden to liven up this sleepy period of the year. Those perennials, shrubs and trees that do not shed their leaves every autumn add much-needed colour and texture to the garden and their lush foliage helps so Read more

Deciding what to feed your canine companion is one of the most important ways to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. The pet food market can be a minefield, but all you need is a little knowledge of nutrition and what to look for in the ingredi Read more

Heating on full blast – check. Your favourite winter sweater on – check. Lots of warming comfort food bubbling away in the kitchen – check. A selection of wines to make you glad it’s winter? Hmmm, that’s something that requires more thought. Read more


So, you’ve got an old defined benefit (DB) occupational pension scheme and they are politely offering you a large lump sum to move on. Should you take it? It’s a large, life-changing amount of money, but is it good value? Unfortunately, in the world Read more

At the moment I am pretty cross with the amount of bad publicity farming in general is receiving. It would appear on the face of it that cows and sheep are solely responsible for global warming leading to climate change. No mention of air travel, tum Read more

Farming News

Last September, Okehampton College Post-16 moved into their new home at ‘Wardhayes’, after many months of planning and refurbishment of the former care home. Read more


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Here are some fantastic films celebrating our area and people