Are you considering putting yourself forward to become a Borough Councillor in the 2019 Local Elections? If so, West Devon Borough Council is holding an open evening for residents. The Open Evening will be held at Killworthy Park, Tavistock on Mond more

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West Devon Borough Council is looking for outstanding individuals, firms or organisations, who deserve public recognition for their unpaid work or contribution. West Devon Borough Council’s Mayoral Awards have been running since 2002, and are aimed more

Community News

Plymouth law firm, GA Solicitors, has been welcomed by the British Lung Foundation as a mesothelioma patron. The British Lung Foundation’s patron scheme brings together companies which have direct experience of mesothelioma and helps to fund vital more

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Mayor of West Devon Borough Council Thanks Local Postmen and Women Councillor Mike Davies, Mayor of West Devon, passed on early Christmas greetings to postmen and women at Okehampton Sorting Office Christmas is Royal Mail’s busiest time of the... more

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Dartmoor National Park prepares for population rise Dartmoor National Park Authority is releasing details of a new study looking into the possible affects and opportunities of a growing local population in surrounding areas on the special... more

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©National Trust Images/Mel Peters ©National Trust Images/Mel Pters

The walks to Whitelady Waterfall and the bird hide are open during daylight hours through December and January. A walk in the gorge is a great way to escape the modern world for an hour and burn off some of the Christmas excess. Please be aware... more

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Christmas and commemoration garlands at Cotehele Cotehele’s annual Christmas garland, built from flowers grown on the estate is always a big event, and this year, the centenary of the end of the First World War, is being marked with an extra... more

Outdoor & Active

Suspiria 1.jpg

Alessio Bolzoni/Amazon Studios

Plymouth’s independent cinema needs your help - and there are some great rewards up for grabs There have been big changes to Plymouth Arts Centre since the announcement by Arts Council England that it would no longer be funding the visual arts... more

Music & Art

Friday 1st February Imagination and allegorical art exhibition Wildwood Arts is thrilled to be hosting this joint-themed exhibition of two of the region’s finest artists - David Brooke and Richard Slater (Royal Institute). Themes for David's... more

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Tommy Hatwell @TommyHatwell

Monday 3rd to Friday 28th December Faces from far-off places A local photographer born in Devon, Tommy Hatwell has a very international portfolio, drawn from time spent travelling, working and photographing all over the globe. His camera has been... more

Music & Art

An icon fit for an archbishop Artist and iconographer Cheryll Kinsley Potter, has just completed a commission from Dr Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury and now Master of Magdalen College Cambridge.  Cheryll has been painting all... more

Local People

Eversfield’s organic growth Eversfield Organic farm shop and deli recently opened its doors in Tavistock, with a comprehensive offering of south west produce, which is already proving popular. Behind this new enterprise is the Bury family... more

Local People

Tech tips from ChezvousPC Upgrading to fibre can be a little confusing. Some companies are able to offer nice cheap fibre in comparison to others, but may not be very clear about precisely what they are offering. For example, we had a customer who... more

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Saturday 15th December 22-years-old and still entertaining!
Stannary Brass Band invites you to its ever-popular Christmas Concert in St Eustachius’ Church Tavistock, with special guests the St Austell based Acappella Sound and Barbershop Chorus... more

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Ossie Palmer

700 years of St Eustachius’ Church Little evidence has been written about the founding of Tavistock Abbey and the records that do exist were not accessible to the local populace, as most folk were illiterate at that time. 'History' was an oral... more


Christmas from your garden Making Christmas decorations using natural materials is delightfully creative and satisfying: fun to make for all ages, truly personal, and saves a heap of cash into the bargain. Plus, it’s a great way to have a ‘green’... more


Christmas gift ideas Thrifty: A propagator will save a whole heap of money by efficiently raising vegetable or annual plants from seed and propagating many plants by cuttings. Heated ones are by far the best, although even an inexpensive... more


The end of another year As 2018 closes its curtains and I reflect on the year, it’s the weather that dominates my thoughts. You may notice us farming types love talking about it and we are usually moaning it is either too wet too dry, too windy... more

Farming News

Exciting opportunites for Little Owls Pre-school Surprisingly three years have passed since Little Owls first opened its doors to preschool-age children, and in September 2017 the age range was expanded to include two-year-olds. The children have... more


Increased demand for Tavistock Foodbank Tavistock Foodbank has seen a dramatic increase in demand over the past twelve months, assisting nearly 1000 people over the year, up from 650 in the previous year. Thankfully Tavistock has many generous... more


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Here are some fantastic films celebrating our area and people

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