A retired Tavistock police officer and his wife set out from England to go to Sydney, Australia with a brief stop in Hong Kong and make a 44-day campervan trip through New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia along the coastal areas... Read more

Book Reviews

Nichola meets the man behind Ice Warrior, which trains ordinary people to become modern-day explorers in the Arctic. At any moment during our interview, I expect Jim McNeill to say ‘only joking’, as surely no-one can live a life as marvellous and ful Read more

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The Moor Links would like to apologise that the article in the Feb/Mar issue on using local bus services, incorrectly stated that a free bus pass was available at the age of 60, when in fact ‘the date of eligibility for the National Bus Pass – for bo Read more

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Sophie Allen recently spent a year volunteering with Project Trust in Nepal after finishing her A levels. In the following account she shares some of her experiences and insights into a very different culture which she found hard to leave at the end Read more

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I am keen to promote the use of our local buses, not only for environmental reasons, but also because if more people use them, then hopefully it will mean we’re less likely to lose this vital service. More people travelling by bus saves on fuel and u Read more

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Moor Links has been following the progress of Fen Eastaugh, aged 19, on her 2,665-mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from Mexico to Canada and we are delighted to report that Fen finally reached the Canadian border on 25th September after Read more

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I’ve just got back from a week-long holiday to Greece. My outbound flight was cancelled with an hour’s notice, but I got the replacement flight provided by the airline. Can I claim compensation? If your flight is cancelled at short notice you are l Read more

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Andalucian Horses come to Devon

Hamish Mitchell

“I’ve fallen in love with a Spanish man”. That’s how it was announced. To say that it changed lives is probably an overstatement; over egging the omelette, Spanish or otherwise, but it certainly had a huge impact. But to begin at the beginning... Read more



Photograph: Alamy

In rural areas such as ours, the bus is essential. It is vital for those who are unable to drive, enabling them to get to work, school, the doctor's or the hospital, and it can drastically improve quality of life. I understand the frustration... Read more

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