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Making compost and creating a wildlife haven As gardeners at a busy garden, we are asked many questions, some of which come up more often than most. One subject we are questioned about routinely is composting. It is the most environmentally friendly Read more


Summer means it’s time to adjust wine selections to offset hopefully warmer months, with more outdoor dining, relaxation and lots of sunshine. For most, summer is when wine enthusiasts turn to lighter reds and rosé, as well as nicely chilled whites. Read more


Harvest Workers Co-op is a workers' cooperative based in Okehampton. We run both the Harvest Farm Shop in Red Lion Yard and regular community education projects and events. All our work Is based on growing an understanding and involvement in the prod Read more


Firstly, I just want to say how much we’re missing you all.  It feels so strange being at home so much, but we’re all in this together due to the Covid 19 lockdown.  Salon businesses have been forced to temporarily close so let’s take a moment for se Read more


It has most definitely been a crazy and uncertain time for all of us. Not only have we all felt the impact of this virus, we can’t even do your hair. We do understand that hair is only hair, although we truly believe it can have a massive impact on h Read more