As the sobering chimes of Big Ben welcome in another year, the realisation of resolutions dawn. Lose weight; exercise more; quit smoking and drink less are popular aspirations as well other lifestyle changes. Vegetarianism and veganism are an increas Read more


Starting the new year with goals and ambitions is great but how many of us stick to them? There is a rise in people cutting down on meat, dairy, highly processed foods, sugar amongst other things for both personal choice or medical need. Mooplehog i Read more


We often hear about Windows (10) updates just doing what they want when they want - well now you can take a little bit of control back! If you go to ‘settings’, then in the search box type ‘schedule your restart’, you will find a setting that allow Read more

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Beware of the new Windows 10 ‘1803’ update. There isn’t a lot you can do to avoid it if you have a Windows 10 device which is connected to the internet, but we have found that it has caused issues on quite a few machines locally, usually during insta Read more

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Slow computer? Fancy a bit of a speed boost? - a ‘new’ type of hard drive called a solid-state drive might well be the answer. SSD prices have dropped and they are now a viable option for the home market. If your machine is a few years old, the hard Read more

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