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Queen Charlotte leaned forward and asked: ‘Little boy, how long would it take for a snail to creep along 838 miles from Lands-End to Farett’s Head in Scotland if he moved eight feet daily?’ ‘553,080 days ma’am’ the ten-year old replied immediately... Read more


Dartmoor National Park Authority’s Moor Otters Arts Trail goes live on Friday, May 28th, helping people explore, discover and learn more about Dartmoor and raise money for its ongoing conservation. Read more

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Local history and Dartmoor guide Paul Rendell tells the story of the witch who lived in Dendles Wood. Read more


LAUNCESTON, Cornwall. Friday 5th March 2021 - Comical Entertainment, a comedy and spoken word promotion company, offering the best in touring stand-up comedy & ‘spoken word’ shows, is proud to present Francis Rossi’s upcoming show in Launceston. Read more

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Support the work of the Tavistock Heritage Trust. Come and join us for a fascinating collection of Zoom arts and heritage talks from around the World. Read more