At the end of last year, Devon’s Local Nature Partnership was awarded National Lottery funding from Sport England to deliver an exciting five-year programme to support people aged over fifty-five in Devon to connect actively to nature. After a busy d more


Ingredients: 600g soft cheese 600g white chocolate 6 eggs (whisked) 425ml double cream 1 pack of digestives (250g) 100g butter Method: 1. Crush the biscuits to a crumb, melt the butter and add it to the biscuits, mix well and press firmly into a che more


We often hear about Windows (10) updates just doing what they want when they want - well now you can take a little bit of control back! If you go to ‘settings’, then in the search box type ‘schedule your restart’, you will find a setting that allow more

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Many of us enjoy holidays abroad and nearly all of us get there by plane. However, consider the birds of the air and some of the insects, many of which travel similar long distances to humans, yet they do it entirely under their own steam. One of the more


Dr Jo Coldron explains how the medical receptionist now plays a key role in helping patients to receive the care they require. The medical training of a GP is long and varied and along the way I’ve tried my hand at surgery, anaesthetics, emergency me more