Leats have been in use on Dartmoor since medieval times and were originally constructed to provide power for local industries, before later being used to channel Plymouth’s municipal water supply. Dartmoor Preservation Association volunteers have spe more

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World War One About 60% of the military records of soldiers who fought in World War One were destroyed during the Second World War. Those records that remain may be found in the British Army service records on the ancestry.co.uk website; medal cards more

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There are many resources, both in print and online, which will help you learn how to research your family history in a thorough way. There are many books on genealogy available, so I will mention only a few that you may find useful: • Family History more

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Who can remember the days when a hockey stick looked like this? This lovely picture was submitted to Oke Links by Mike and Hilary Wreford of Okehampton. Hilary (née Bird) was a former player, captain and secretary of the hockey club. The image of th more

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In addition to the well-known association of kissing under a sprig of mistletoe at Christmas, the plant has also been associated over the years with healing powers and fertility as well as a sign of peace and good luck. Mistletoe has come to have s more

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