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The Sun and her Flowers by Rupi Kaur. Simon & Schuster £12.99 Rupi Kaur is a Canadian poet and performer, of Punjabi descent. In this book, she depicts various aspects of her life, which feel universal. It is a self-reflective, biographical coll more

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Top ten books for Christmas more

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Silence in the Age of Noise, by Erling Kagge - hardback £9.99 Erling Kagge is a Norwegian explorer who, among other things, has walked solo for 50 days across Antarctica. He is a family man and very aware of, and connected to, the world and its bus more

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Man's Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl Paperback £7.99 A timeless work, reminding us all how to rise above suffering and deepen the art of living. Frankl was a prominent Viennese psychiatrist before the Second World War. Interned at Ausch more

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Amy Liptrot recounts the experiences of her childhood and youth on Orkney, subsequent turbulent life in London and journey into and emergence from wild, uncontrolled addiction. She loses most of what normally matters before age 30... more

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