Wurlitza is a critically acclaimed five-piece band from South East Cornwall which has been specialising in creating live soundtracks for silent films since 2006. This Anthony Asquith film, ‘A Cottage on Dartmoor’, is a British late silent masterpiece more

17 Oct 2017 12:19 Music & Art

When Dorothy Gale’s home in Kansas is hit by a tornado, carrying her to Munchkinland, her adventures start as she follows the yellow brick road to find the great Wizard of Oz and ask him to help her get home. Join Dorothy and all her friends for Tavi more

17 Oct 2017 12:11 Music & Art

Newlyn-born Geoff, patron of the Cornwall Folk Festival, has lived on Dartmoor for more than 40 years and been described as a ‘stalwart of West Country folk and father of a folk dynasty’. He likes to tailor his performances to the audience and so th more

17 Oct 2017 12:06 Music & Art

Stephen Earp was an 18-year-old stoker on board HMS Ardent during the 1982 Falklands conflict. Now landlord of The Royal Oak Inn at Meavy, he visited The Falklands in 2016 for the first time since the war and returned again earlier this year for the more


The world of genealogy is changing all the time these days, with new information coming online every year. To find out as much as you can about your ancestors, you will need to use as many different sources as possible. There are several online genea more